SALT and SNIC - May, 2012

Having learned my lesson last year about Austin in July, I returned this year in May to work with Salt again. We were joined by the very talented Snic this time so our collab was a three-way. We built one main piece. We had so much difficulty making it that Salt remarked halfway through the week, "I know one thing for sure. I am never making anything like this again!" So, I thought it appropriate to name it "The Last Transmutant".

We did the work in Salt and Snic's amazing new studio which was just made operational the day I arrived. Not all the bugs had been worked out yet. One problem was drainage. The entire complex was designed to drain into a culvert that was located right in front of the new studio. We had a very heavy rainstorm Thursday night and the culvert backed up and the next thing we knew we had a bona-fide Texas flash flood right in the studio. In a matter of minutes the entire 4000 square foot space was under 6" of water! It took us several hours to sweep and drain all that water out the back door!

There were a couple of other pieces made, mostly of the spare parts from building the first piece. One of them is pictured below. All in all, a very fun and productive week!

last transmutant ramhead

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