SALT - July, 2011

I spent a week with Salt in Austin Texas in mid-July of 2011 and we built two pieces, both functional. The first was named "Oculto", which is Spanish for "hidden". The functionality of this piece was carefully concealed in the branches and foliage. The entire centepiece with the eyes is a bubbler and there are two dry pieces also hidden among the foliage. The piece is very large and heavy and was very difficult to build. It took every bit of skill we had to pull it off.

The second piece was a bit easier to make. It is called "Questionable Origins" after a comment Salt made while we were building it. It is an upright bubbler with a detachable bowl. I marveled at Salt's sculptural ability and his life-like eyes while he seemed amazed at my "tubalation" technique used to make the legs. Our technical abilities melded together perfectly. Collabs are fun!

oculto questionable origins

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